Hey, I'm Aaron!

Currently building DiscordServers.com and some other stuff. Senior Fullstack Engineer. Unofficial developer advocate of Next.JS and Vercel.

Latest Stories

Creating a Chrome Extension with NextJS

So, you've delved into writing your own Chrome extension. Maybe you've even already made one, but you still have a question: How can I use more current technology to to this? Well, as it turns out, it only takes a few extra steps!

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jQuery Event Priority - Fusion Framework

I've been working on a project at Underground Elephant that is a very very very heavy javascript project. It's heavily event-driven, but I have an issue with the lack of event priorities in jquery. The Symfony 2 Event Listener is a great example of what an event listener should look like, for a couple of reasons. First, and most importantly (to me at least), the events have a priority. Secondly, Events have specific classes that get passed with them, so you know exactly what to expect.

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jQuery: Roll to Next Input

I was looking for a way to have an input, that when you change, would roll to the next input. The project I'm working on has a page based system, so each page has its own fieldset. When the last field is completed, I wanted it to automatically roll to the next page. I also wanted functionality for zip code, and phone number fields, that would roll to the next input after 5 digits on zip, or roll to the next piece of the phone number field.

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Symfony Reverse Proxy: Memcached

Basically, we wanted to be able to use a simple Reverse Proxy (not Varnish, not Squid), that used a Memcache installation, instead of the file system.

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Better Symfony Environments: Large Systems

Dealing with a project where there are several development servers, a few staging servers, and hundreds of production servers. Manage your environments easily!

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Symfony2 Testing: Testing Services in Request Scope

Getting into testing at work with one of our new projects, and we need to be able to test our services. The biggest problem I had here, is that we have several services not in the default scope. After a little bit of digging and testing, I came up with this

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IP Based Htaccess Restriction

A couple months ago, I was looking for a way to restrict a development site in such a way, that while people were at work (where we have a static IP), and then require an .htpasswd file for everyone outside.

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Checking Named Class Inheritance

I have been working on a new cache implementation for the Symfony2 framework, and I needed a way to check if a named class inherited a given interface , so i wrote the following:

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Symfony 2 and Memcached: A new Bundle

So, I started work on a personal project of mine that I wanted to be able to use Memcached. The project is using the Symfony2 PHP framework, so I decided to look around a little bit to see if I could find a bundle that does what I needed

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